Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Review

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Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle
OS:Action Minimum Os Version 9.0.iPad2Wifi-iPad2Wifi


  • keeps your mind sharp
  • more than 250 levels.


  • annoying ads
  • primitive graphics.

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 6

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Rescue Cut is a free puzzle game that is able to make you apply logical thinking to complete the challenges. You can play it on the go as far as it is simple to navigate and controls are not demanding. It contains plenty of advertisements, which may prevent you from playing with pleasure.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

I would say the graphics are primitive. There are no realistic graphics or detailed backgrounds. You will see a white room, brown ceiling and floor, a little boy, and blue ropes. Nothing distracts you from solving the puzzle itself.

Controls 10/10

As we have mentioned, the game is very simple. The controls are your fingers and the screen. Just swipe the ropes using your finger and cut them making a character fall on the floor. The boy is able to fall only, and you should make him make it at the right moment and in the right direction.

Gameplay 10/10

This cute game is very easy to play. There are over 250 levels that can be completed rather quickly. It can be a thrilling time killer to play somewhere on the go.

There is a key character, a boy, which is tied up being suspended by ropes from the ceiling. He is prisoned in a small room without furniture and other people to help him to release. There is the exit door and some objects which are needed to create the correspondent surroundings. You should find them before you act scanning the level for traps. You will definitely see something strange. Look at the ceiling and walls – everywhere.

You should solve the puzzle: to turn a boy loose and let him leave the room avoiding various smart obstacles like a bear who is ready to kill him when he reaches the floor. Be aware of every detail and play developing a kind of strategy if you want to save your character. Decide on the order that you are going to cut the ropes if there are several of them. Perhaps, it is better not to speed up and cut only one rope to let a boy swing out and make a pause. Take all the details into account.

Lasting Appeal 6/10

Be ready that the advanced levels will become repetitive, and you will hardly find a lot of fresh content beyond that you have already had. And the advertisements can be very annoying because it pops up too often. There are banners and videos. You have to watch the ad even when you want to get access to unlocks. There are various boosters, but do not use them unwisely.

Simple and addictive

Download Rescue Cut and get new levels and skins regularly. This challenging puzzler will make you think carefully, but you will find the solutions quickly. The tasks are not extremely complicated. Choose the right order to cut the ropes considering the objects in the room, which can be of help or, on the contrary, make things more confusing. Though, you should not wait for some surprises here as far as the puzzles are rather standard.

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