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Ever found yourself needing to do a quick calculation in the bank, paying for your groceries, utilities or your mortgage payments, math wasn’t your favorite subject, and you didn’t have a calculator with you? The Big Calculator takes the lead and makes your life simpler by availing the most basic math features which you’ll ever need in a cool, simple fashion.


The app’s UI scores an 8/10. The large buttons make it very usable and appealing. The app also has multiple color schemes, and the display is perfect for folks who have eye strain. The layout of the buttons is also reminiscent of the normal calculators we are used to, giving a certain touch of reality to it. You also have multiple view layouts depending on the device you are using, be it an iPad, iPhone, Apple watch or Android device.


The app’s simplicity gives it a 9/10, with basic math functions which everybody needs; the addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. The calculator also saves your last input which automatically pops-up when you reopen the app. You can copy and paste results. If you change to landscape mode, you’ll be able to view the percent button, plus a host of other more advanced calculator buttons. On your iPad, a split view also allows you to view other apps.

With the ‘clear’ and ‘all clear’ functionalities, you can erase everything and start the entire string afresh or just the previous input. Did we mention that it also has multi-language support going all the way from English, Spanish to Mandarin?

The latest version requires iOS8 or Android 4.1. You’ll also have a regular update which fixes bugs on both iOS and the APK download from play store. The new APK kit won't reduce the functionalities of the previous install.  The Google Android features don’t make the app any less interesting.


The app scores an 8/10 for performance. Its basic features packed in a simple and elegant design are a huge plus. For cult Apple users, the Apple Watch functionality will come as a great surprise. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. With a fluid display with enlarged buttons, the app is quite fast for its sleek design. Reduced ads also give its performance an edge. The app for all Android devices will use up about 41.2mb for memory if you get the Google Play app for Big Calculator.


You can get the app download free on both the Android app and Apple app stores. However, there are in-app purchases that one can make once they have downloaded the app. These will cost 1.99$ and will make major upgrades to the app.

The Verdict

If you are one to always crunch numbers during the day and walking around with a big, old calculator would look out of style, this app is for you. With customizable themes, displays and high compatibility with all devices, you’ll make math be a breeze. The large display buttons are great if you don’t have the best eyesight. You can also resume your calculations where you left them off if you were doing long calculations. This calculator is also ideal as a homework tool because of its relative simplicity. With scientific functions too, this is a calculator for everyone.

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