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Police Scanner FREE
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  • Intuitive screen
  • It’s not only limited to U.S users
  • It uses both 3G and GPS triangulation.


  • The ads can be quite annoying
  • The in-app purchases may be discouraging
  • Some users report issues with the audio.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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This app for all Android devices (running on Android 4.1) is the ideal one for any vigilante who’d wish to stay up to date on whatever’s going on within their location, other states, or different countries. It can determine the channels that are within your proximity based on both cellular and GPS triangulation. Here’s a review of this must-have app.


This Google Play app for Android devices has a simple design and fascinating user interface through its intuitive screens. The design is relatable despite the numerous features on display, making it easy for you to filter searches. The interface, on the other hand, is quite straightforward so you’ll not have a hard time navigating within the app. The dark background also reduces the risk of eye fatigue while making it easier to notice other colors and items on display.

In this category, the app scores a 10/10.


One thing I find attractive about the app is the fact that I can monitor exciting rescue, fire, and police frequencies and stay ahead of these activities within my location. Through the app, I receive over 5,000 rescue, fire, and police radio feeds through WiFi or 3G. I can search for any of these channels in the United States and other nations by County, State or Province. What’s more, I can also receive instant access to new feeds as they are sent, save my favorites and even get the most out of background listening. By staying abreast of all the happenings within my location, I can be prepared for any emergency situations.

Some radio stations couldn’t play, but this problem has been sorted out with the latest version. Additionally, the update offers enhanced error recovery in audio playback and other improvements and bug fixes. Notably, you can get to acquire the in-app products for about $3 that provide a wider range of frequencies and an improved user experience. But you can still use it without the purchases.

On cross-platform use, unfortunately, the tool comes with an Android mobile application with no iOS version. It works with Android versions above 4.1.

The functionality segment of this Android app deserves a 10/10.


There’s no easier way of listening to police broadcast than through this app. In fact, getting the app installed is much better than purchasing the expensive radio. The radio scanner app works seamlessly on my smartphone and has no lags. Additionally, it has never crashed on me. The straightforward user interface is ideal for this kind of apps, and it further simplifies things.

Here, I would grant the ease of use a 10/10.

The Verdict

It’s both safe and fun to listen to law enforcement agencies and know what they’re up to. Just like other applications; Police Scanner Free app has its own setbacks. However, this cannot limit you from enjoying the myriad of features and benefits that come with the app. I find the app a necessary tool, and I recommend it.

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