Great Clips Online Check-in Review

Great Clips
Great Clips Online Check-in
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1000000+ downloads


  • Easy to use
  • Really convenient
  • It's completely free.


  • Wait times are never perfect
  • No scheduling of appointments
  • Sometimes the Android app goes offline.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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The Great Clips app for Android and iOS devices is a game-changer when it comes to time savings. With its online check-in, you can see estimated waiting times for your favorite hair salon and schedule your hair appointment from the comfort of your device.

Interface 10/10

The app works with a profile which you can access on your iPhone, iPad or Google Android device. You’ll see the big, blue place-mark button which you tap to Check-In. If you’ve enabled location on your device, you’ll be routed to the closest Clips salons within your radius. Above the Check-Me-In tab, you’ll be prompted to enter your Name and Phone-Number, and you can save this as a cookie on your phone. You’ll also see Messages, Favourites and Menu buttons at the bottom of your interface. The simple design which is also sleek gives the app a 10/10.

Features 10/10

The app gets a rating of 10/10. This download free app is really useful especially if you are very busy and need to squeeze in a few minutes for a hair appointment. Since Clips has thousands of salons both in the US and Canada, having the app comes as a great advantage as you can see estimated wait times for the salons closest to you. The new smart map pins are quite useful when it comes to saving time. You can check the salon info complete with all contacts and addresses. If you have more than a single Great Clip within your location, you can see the selected ones on your map.

The tool is very effective especially if you have a favorite salon and you can save time. If you have a fairly large party, you can select the number of guests, and they will all be entered into the roster. Get directions to your salon and see estimated waiting time on your screen too.

Performance 9/10

The app is a leader in performance and gets a rating of 9/10 because there isn’t much to compare it to. You’ll save a lot of time with this app. It works okay for short lines, but the problem comes in when you have a fairly long line at the Clip salon. In many cases, the waiting time increases when you finally get there and find walk-in customers. The latest version has improvements and bug fix updates which make it better.

The Verdict

This is a very useful app and if you want to experience great time savings and economy - get this app. Both the App Store or Google Play app for Great Clips are free so that you won’t be charged for anything. A big disappointment you might get with the app is when you get to the salon, and walk-in is served before you. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy using this app on days when Clips has haircut sales. They should probably add an ‘Appointments’ feature to the app. I’d recommend this as an app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets.

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