The Best Google Calendar Alternatives for Android

Success is all about the right timing. You can't miss an important meeting, blow a deadline or what’s even worse, forget your spouse’s birthday. Google Calendar is a solid app for keeping your dates in check. However, G Suite apps are notorious for collecting your private data. This is why we’ve prepared a hit parade of the best Google Calendar alternatives on Android.


1. Etar — Nice, Clean & Green

Etar application screenshots

Etar is a minimalistic calendar app for Android. It has a plain and straightforward GUI, nice white & green color palette and essential features that let you keep your scheduling under control. You can scroll through days, weeks and months. Besides, you can export Google Calendar agendas to Etar without a hitch.

In case you’ve got something super important planned for a specific date — set an agenda. Etar will alert you with a push notification that it’s time for action. But it is also quite lightweight. So, don’t expect it to have a robust functionality. Though it’s certainly good for simple planning, plus there are Light and Dark modes. And it has no ads.

Etar is a marvelous semiprofessional tool that costs nothing.

2. Simple Calendar — A Challenger Appears

Simple Calendar application screenshots

Simple Calendar is a part of Simple Mobile Tools — an app collection that mimics G Suite tools. And it’s worth noting that cloning was successful. Simple Calendar does a remarkable job.

First of all, it has reminders and notifications — something that a good scheduling app cannot be imagined without. Second, it’s compatible with many calendars. Third, you can import .ics files to use ready-made schedules in stride.

Cloud storage compatibility opens a good opportunity for backing up and collaborating. Simple calendar is friends with NextCloud, Dropbox, Google Calendar and many other similar services. The demanding users and fusspots will appreciate its ad-free status.

Although nothing interrupts your workflow in Simple Calendar, it’s a freemium app since recently. Its core functionality is still at hand, but premium opens a bigger leeway for collaborative projects and team coordination. The price is roughly $2.

Simple Calendar is an impressive step-brother of Google Calendar.

3. DAVx⁵  — All Eggs in one Basket

DAVx⁵ application screenshots

Technically, DAVx⁵ isn’t calendar app. This is a cloud-based service that connects all the calendars and contacts you use across all the devices you have. In other words, you can have a server of your own that annihilates the necessity of using Google Play for synchronizing.

To explain it simply: this app pulls CalDAV data from cloud storage where you keep it. And through it, you can access the data in question from your mobile gizmo. It is compatible with every major calendar service, too, including Google Calendar. As for the supported cloud services, this list can run for miles: Bitrix24, iCloud, Fastmail, Team Box, Daylite, and more.

The app’s initial code is open source. Its ready-made version costs $4.69 on Google Play.

DAVx⁵ allows keeping all schedules and calendars in one place.

4. OneView Calendar — Brand-New Concept?

OneView Calendar application screenshots

OneView Calendar is a time-organizing app. At first, it seems to be just another calendar utility. But in reality, it offers a clever GUI solution. The thing is, OneView isn’t separated into week/month/year views. Instead, both time periods and agendas are kept in the same broad view.

Besides, it has a clever placing algorithm that makes your schedules look clear and simple. You can zoom in and out to overview different periods of time from a few hours to a few years. And what’s really cool, a new event can be added through a drag-&-drop feature. Sadly, dark mode is hidden behind a paywall.

If you prefer a broad timeline overview, OneView Calendar is exactly what you need.

Time to Get Organized

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